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About The Land's Inhabitants

The Land's Inhabitants

Tribe Evaresa is a very skilled tribe, they are the riches of the tribes, if you say so. They are the high and mighty of the tribes, as they live up in the mountains. Their bodies are made or the rocky surface on the mountains giving them strong athletic body structures, do not ever underestimate these great and powerful felines, It is always a great idea to have a back up plan when going against them. Tribe Evaresa is also very skilled in the power fire, their very first leader, Evaresa, was a mighty tribal queen. She blew down armies with her own two flaming paws, no one dared to attack with war against her, giving her the mightiest of the tribes. After she passed away the new rule was to have only male leaders though the new rule never stuck.

Tribe Prathien was the quietest of the tribes, they practiced to be one with the earth, defending it when ever needed against the raging tribes around them. Tribe Prathien was the wisest of the five tribes, even the tribes themselves came to Tribe Prathien for aid. In their own hearts Tribe Prathien are considered the bravest over all, including Tribe Caush, they put the earth before themselves, including the problems of their tribe members. Prathien was a young male leader, a fine young boy, searching for the right to become one with the earth, who created Tribe Prathien, he learned the ways of the earth, and used his new found powers for good against all evil, giving him the wisest of the tribes.

Tribe Caush was a tribe based on bravery, built with warriors, loyal soldiers, even the mightiest of the mightiest could not bring them down when they were together. Together they were know as, Caush's Lightning, lead by their fearsome leader, Caush. Caush was a lightning ability master, destroying the competition when anyone came to close to victory. He himself was know as the Lightning Warrior, he left the world as the war lord, having never been beaten. His tribe is his legacy.

Tribe Seaven are very great swimmers, no matter where you are there is always water surrounding you, even if it is far off, they can use it to their advantage. Anything with water in it can be used as a weapon by these felines, only if they have the water power. Tribe Seaven are the most powerful felines of the tribes, your blood has water in it, they can move your body like a puppet out of their way if they wanted to, but they are also merciful, they won't often ever use that move on anyone unless that someone gets on their nerves, or just asks for it. These felines can be anything they want ranging from Good to Evil. Seaven was a young fisher saber, he loved to fish, but he also loved to get into fights as usual, ending up with him gaining followers, they all decided to ban together and create Tribe Seaven, creating the most powerful tribe of the Tribes.

The Wolf Pack are dire wolves banned together, none of them can be good, not even the sabers believed that they were ever good. These wolves were without mercy, they would kill anyone without batting an eye, it's even hard for the sabers to believe they even can have pups with their way of life. The dires live peacefully with themselves, but living with the sabers just tips them over the edge, their first leader Finch, even believe that the sabers had no right to live there, leading to the great war of Sabers and Dires. But the stories told of the wolves were not true. The wolves could in fact act responsible and talk to sabers without starting a fight, the wolves knew how to interact without killing or fighting, they have the same amount of brain as any saber.

The very first Feline or Dire to be kicked out of the Tribes was Cronus, a young bright tan male saber, who had been born with power unlike any other living being, he has the power of time. Because he was so different he was kicked out of the tribes and had been living in fear of the tribes and the pack, but he soon gathered up enough loners and outcasts, and fugitives to create one huge tribe, to actually stand up against the tribes and the pack. Cronus is dead now, but his powers had a strange affect, they would pass down through generations after him, everybody knew he had a mate, but they didn't know who, so who had got his special powers?

Have you ever wondered where the crazed Sabers and Dires go? This is where they go, they join the Bandits to raid and kill whoever they can, they are merciless psychopaths. You've never seen someone as crazy as these guys, they re-write crazy. Their first leader was a old man named Captain BladeTooth, he was a crazy old man, buried things everywhere, so people wouldn't find his 'treasure'. Even killed his own men if they came even close to his precious buried items. When the captain died, he left his psychotic bandits behind, leaving them to band together and create a powerful force, but always needed someone to guide them.



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FeatheredSeclude Featured By Owner Edited Jul 8, 2016  Professional General Artist
Not bein a bug, or well, not trying to be.
But how's the progress goin with the app I sent in?

I accidentally deleted the correspondence message it gives.
MakeFotLSuper Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2016
So far your character's design and the whole written portion of the app is very well filled out, but the only issue I find with the character's design is that he has tattoos on his head and face. Tattoos on the head and face are reserved for leadership positions. If you could change that, then we'll happily accept your character into the group c:
FeatheredSeclude Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2016  Professional General Artist
Alrights. I changed that stuff~…
Dinolil1 Featured By Owner May 21, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Calling all Smilodons from the tribe Seaven!

We need one Smilodon, to be Hatcher's Prey because foolishly Splinter has gotten mixed up with the rogue and has just endangered the life of one poor smilododon.  Calling all Seaven Smilodons!

We may have more than one smilodon or wolf if you have any ideas!
Firewolf-Anime Featured By Owner Edited May 25, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

I didn't' even see this until right now 9_9

You'll catch more views and comments if you create a separate advertisement journal or even a picture with text beneath and submit it to the group. 

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Dinolil1 Featured By Owner May 27, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Dinolil1 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Is the group open for me to join, since my friend, Roxas is in this group, and I want to join...
Anna-kin Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2016  Hobbyist
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and also after i upload my reference sheet/ application do i just push "join group" when im done?
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When you push the "join group" button, it should open up a text box, please paste a link to your reference sheet and then submit your request :)
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